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Providence and Santa Catalina Islands are a scene of unspoiled nature and its air of freedom spread to locals and visitors (even fish still bite on these islands!!) What a perfect excuse to go fishing and for meditating under the bluest of skies.

We Are located in the Caribbean Sea At:

480 kilometers from the Colombian Coast
180 from Central America
400 kilometers Southwest of Jamaica

These islands evoke the romance of the bygone years. They exist to be observed and enjoyed. Both islands cover an area of 20 square kilometers being Santa Catalina Island the smallest; the total population does not exceed 5,100.

Old Providence, being the oldest island of the archipelago, owns a gripping heritage: an inspiring fort, sheltering caves, and fascinating pirate tales.

Miss Francia's Home ... a magical and serene place in the midst of nature

Find different plans and activities during your stay


If you enjoy nature and also have an adventurous spirit, this plan you will love ! IT INCLUDES: Water sports (applied as wind seasons) Climb 1,900 feet to the summit of "peak" to spot a ree

Enjoy your trip and do not miss this great cultural exchange experience sharing  these activities. Creole language classes. Typical  cuisine classes Hike nature trails. fishing Classes

Providence´s history dates back to the time of discovery where they are discussed the first landings between 1,498 and 1,502. In its early years of colonization the island took English inhabitants,

  The rich and complex culture of the islands reflects its ethnic diversity and its turbulent history, the native population is mestizo predominance of the black race with 5,100 approximately i

Experiences in the depths of the seven colors sea , designated “Seaflower Biosphere Reserve” by the Unesco , is the third longest barrier reef in the world - An immersion in one of the most beautif

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