People and Culture


The rich and complex culture of the islands reflects its ethnic diversity and its turbulent history, the native population is mestizo predominance of the black race with 5,100 approximately inhabitants, some of them come from the mainland. Puritan anglophone caribbeans traditions are preserved , with growing influence of the Colombian mainland. In the island of Providence there is freedom of worship, however they dominated by Catholics, Baptists, Adventists.



Music and traditional dances are of European ancestry with Afro-Caribbean influence, now mixed with reggae, socca, champeta and vallenato.
its cuisine is as varied as culture, sea products have been greatly represented in dishes like Rondon, minced fish, fish balls, crab soup, fish stew


The languages spoken are English, Spanish and the island language "Creole" English base. Their traditional recreational activities are horse races, raffles, carnivals and cultural festivals commemorating national and religious holidays. The islanders are cheerful, Puritans and partygoers, friendly but especially good friends, generous and warm
Fishing is a traditional activity, the islanders knows it well and handles environmentally extraction techniques adapted to the reef fragility (traps, bait, freediving) the main species caught are lobster, conch, snapper, grouper and numerous reef species.

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